Product Info

If for any reason you receive a blunt cone that appears to be dry, don't worry. Simply just dab the cone with a damp paper towel or your finger and wait a few seconds before stuffing it with material. Repeat until the tobacco is just slightly damp.

Our products are manufactured in the Dominican Republic and Shipped from Miami, Florida direct to our distributors, retailers and customers.

We use the high-grade Havana Leaves grown in the Dominican Republic.

We currently sell 4 different flavor profiles within our Blunt Cone product line?

Each and every Rappa Fire Blunt Cone is hand rolled to perfection! The rest of the process is our trade secret.


Our products ship from Miami, Florida.

Delivery times depend on your location and the origin of where the product is shipped. Prior to your purchase, an estimated delivery date should be made available.


Contact us directly and we will send out a replacement within 24 to 48 hours pending photo proof of defective products(s).