Artisanal Excellence

Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors as Rappa Fire introduces the world to a revolution in blunt cones. Born from the passion of dedicated stoners, our products are a testament to the artistry that elevates every puff. Sourced from the fertile soils of the Dominican Republic's Appalachian region, our blunt cones are crafted from the finest tobacco leaves, meticulously nurtured from cultivation to rolling.

Crafted with Care,

Rolled with Soul

Picture the skilled hands of the world's finest craft cigar makers delicately tending to each leaf, from cultivation to aging and rolling. At Rappa Fire, we honor this tradition, ensuring that every blunt cone and wrap embodies the essence of artisanal excellence. With unwavering dedication and decades of experience, we handpick, dry, and roll each whole leaf tobacco blunt cone with absolute care, infusing every pack with the soulful essence of our craft.

Elevate Your Experience

with Havana Leaf

Dive into a world of unparalleled richness and depth with Rappa Fire's signature Havana Leaf tobacco. Unlike our competitors, who settle for mediocrity, we embrace excellence as the standard. Each Havana leaf is meticulously selected for its structural integrity, ensuring a flawless smoking experience from start to finish. As the first touch upon your lips, our Havana leaves impart a symphony of flavors, setting the stage for an unforgettable session. Moreover, they dictate the burn, ensuring a smooth and even draw that tantalizes the senses.

A Symphony of Flavor,

Crafted with Precision

Rappa Fire is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of creativity, community, and culture. We stand proudly alongside local rap and hip-hop artists, supporting their journey and amplifying their voices through our events and collaborations. From electrifying rap battles to immersive cultural experiences, we're committed to nurturing talent and fostering connections that transcend boundaries.

Beyond Blunt Cones:

A Cultural Movement

Step into the world of Rappa Fire and experience a cultural movement unlike any other. Our attention to detail, reverence for tradition, and unwavering commitment to excellence set us apart in a sea of mediocrity. Join us on this journey as we redefine the art of smoking, one meticulously crafted blunt cone at a time.


Our combined experience has allowed us to create some pretty amazing products. We hope you enjoy them as much we love making them.

Jared Mirsky

Since 2009 Jared Mirsky and his award-winning cannabis-focused branding and marketing agency, Wick & Mortar, have been featured in dozens of magazines including Entrepreneur Media, Forbes, National Geographic, Wired, Cheddar, Huff Post, and CNN Money. Wick & Mortar continues to rack up awards and honors such as Top 40 under 40 in MJ Venture Magazine, 2x Dope Industry Award Winners, ranked #193 by Entrepreneur 360, Global Packaging Award Winners and most recently, Clio Award winners for their documentary "A Humboldt Story." Not content with simply winning awards,

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Victor Berrio

Spanning over 10 years in the cannabis industry and co-founding successful companies in the space, Victor has garnered extensive knowledge and experience navigating all facets of the market - from genetics and farming, to manufacturing, distribution, sales and regulatory landscapes. Victor’s background in electrical engineering, mechanics, fabrication and schematic systems, including government contract work for the Navy, have been paramount to creating groundbreaking equipment and processes.

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Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez is a seasoned veteran of the cigar industry, having entered the scene in 1996 with the creation of the first flavored cigar. With over 25 years of experience, she has established herself as the leading authority on flavored cigars, both domestically and internationally. Rosie's expertise extends to every aspect of cigar production, from operating her own factory in the Dominican Republic to collaborating with other companies in the industry. Her dedication to quality and innovation continues to set the standard for excellence in the flavored cigar market.

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