Rappa Fire blunt cones are the first of its kind, made by stoners for stoners and of course, from the highest quality tobacco leaves, sourced within the Appalachians of the Dominican Republic. You won't find a better blunt wrap on the market.


    Our hand picked Havana leaves are each individually chosen for their structural integrity, their lack of holes and imperfections. Given  they are the first thing that touches your lips during a sesh, they are extremely important to taste. They also determine how evenly your cigar will burn.

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    By hand, with much care and experience, we plant, pick, dry, and roll whole leaf tobacco blunt cones for every pack. But you might not know everything that goes into making a quality blunt cone.

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    From cultivation to harvest, to aging and rolling, our blunt cones and wraps have been carefully handled by the world’s best craft cigar makers.


    Premium tobacco leaves are the standard for quality cigars, shouldn’t blunt cones and wraps be the same? Havana Leaf is the only type of tobacco used to make our blunt cones, whereas our competitors often use a far less quality tobacco leaf.

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    The different types of leaves used to make a cigar each determine the intensity of your blunt, as well as flavor, and how well it burns.