Russian Creme Tobacco Blunt Cones

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Rappa Fire Russian Cream Tobacco Blunt Cones are exceptionally rare because of their production limitations; making them almost impossible to find. These Tobacco Blunt Cones offer a unique, vodka-infused flavor and aroma that make them stand out among other options on the market. Though they carry a hefty price tag per pack, Rappa Fire Russian Cream Blunt Wrap Cones when smoked offer an incredible creamy coffee and vodka taste upon your first inhalation—making it one of the top-selling flavors in all of the company's lineups.


There aren't many places you can find Rappa Fire Russian Cream Blunt Wrap Cones but when they are available, people start lining up for hours just to buy them. These unique flavored and scented cigars are among the most sought after on the market. You'll be able to taste the cream coffee and vodka flavors from your first deep inhalation of these Blunt Wraps and will notice it in every puff thereafter too. Rappa Fire Russian Cream Blunt Wrap Cones are only sold in three packs.



Created by stoners for stoners and of course, from the highest quality tobacco leaves sourced within the Appalachians of the Dominican Republic.

99 of 100 Budtenders that tested our blunt cones said they preferred our blunt cone wraps over our competitors and would highly recommend them to their customers.

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